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Great post: Design Formations

Cheers folks.



Thank god for you, fan. Otherwise I might melt…

Yeah… so, I admit, I’m better at two-way communication…  Engage with me on Twitter or FB or EAv.  Or, hell; leave a comment on the blog and we’ll chat.  This “broadcasting” isn’t engaging me, I guess.

Hi all, many regrets that I haven’t been around more. Truth is that I’m much better at contributing 140 words or less, than blogs,vlogs, or even sending ppl emails (uhh, ~170 and counting). But, I’ll try to be more active over the coming weeks and months.

So, what’s new? For starters, Autumn, the newest addition to the crew was born on Valentine’s Day 2011. As you can imagine, she gets a lot of my time.

The rest will have to be revealed as we go. So, welcome back – lets get down to business!

My wife, she`s awesome!

Ask me anything


Ask me anything

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